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Name:DIY Binder
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Questions, advice and experiences regarding chest binders, especially DIY.
This is a community dedicated to chest binding. You can post reviews of commercial binders or tutorials on how to make your own here, as well as tips and questions. Also, links to giveaways or discounts are very much welcome! We're hoping to create a supportive and positive space here.

The rules:

No gatekeeping!
Everyone who wants to wear a binder for whatever reason can participate here. This is not a space to have discussions about who's trans and who isn't.

Advertisement related to binding is explicitly allowed here.
You should absolutely post your etsy store, a binder giveaway on Tumblr or a discount at a major brand. We'll all profit from that! Just keep it connected to the topic, please.

Respect people's choices.
While it's true that some binding methods are just safer than others, in the end every person gets to decide for themselves what they want to do. Remember that what works for one person might not work for someone else!

Cissexist/inaccurate language will not be corrected.
This is a space where everyone who's interested in binding can participate. As a result, people might use terms that you don't like. Slurs and hateful language will be modded, but we aren't going to delete posts because the language used in them is inaccurate or outdated. This might make this space less safe to some people, so please take care of yourself!
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